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  • Zen Analysis –  In-depth skin analysis. The first step toward mapping skin care success, we’ll determine your skin type and condition and create a simple in-office and at-home plan.  Complimentary
  • Zen Rejuvenation – This custom treatment will incorporate modalities tailored to address your specific concerns and achieve visible results. Correct sun damage, promote anti-aging, soften fine lines, stimulate collagen production and develop a curative skincare program. May include microdermabrasion, peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, ultrasonic product penetration, LED light, paired with serums, extractions, masques and other clinical products.  $95
  • Zen Smoothing Peel* ** – Address sun damage, discoloration, acne and fine lines with a deep cleansing, superficial peel application, and serums that specifically addresses your issues.    $70
  • Zen Micro* ** – Microdermabrasion is the gentle removal of the top layer of dead skin cells revealing polished, rejuvenated skin. Recommended for treatment of aging and sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, enlarged and clogged pores. Includes cleansing, hydrating masque, and a quenching dose of serums. $75
  • Zen Derma – AKA Dermaplaning, this smoothing treatment removes dead skin cells, stimulates future cell turnover and collagen production, and rids you of that lovely peach fuzz, leaving a velvet finish. Custom serums, masques and other modalities round out this fantastic treatment. $90
  • Zen 3D Series – Target sun damage and aging with this series of 3 clinical treatments, spaced apart every 2 weeks. Each session includes a custom chemical peel, specialty masque, serious serums and other touches to put you on the road to corrected, more youthful skin.  $225

Waxing and Brow Sculpting

  • Brow Shaping – Let Anne find your perfect brow shape. Proper brow shape yields an instant eye lift and opens up your face. Get natural, groomed brows today .  $24; clean-up for regulars $18
  • Brow Tint – Accentuate what Mother Nature gave you – you’ll be surprised at how a subtle tint will make your brows pop .  $13
  • Facial Waxing – Get a smooth visage with a quick wax (lip, chin, sides of face) .  $10 per area

Body Treatments

  • Clinical Foot Peel – Want smooth feet without all the filing? Up to 10 layers of a powerful peel with be applied and peeling will begin 7 days after, revealing smooth, soft skin.   $55